Must Have Summer Snacks for College Students

Must Have Summer Snacks for College Students

The best in-between bites to get college students through summer jobs, internships, and classes. (via Spoon University)

It's no secret that summer as a college student is different from summers as a high schooler. As much as we may dread it, we're now legal adults who have to start thinking about our future. That means summers are no longer a three month lazy period marked by a total break from any task that requires any brainpower. Instead, summers are a time to build your resume with classes at another institution, a job, an internship, or some other impressive opportunity. I myself got a job this summer as a personal assistant and am taking two classes at a nearby college.

From personal experience I can confirm that summers as a college student are WAY busier and less carefree. They're still fun, don't get me wrong, but it's not exactly like you have the time to sit in bed and watch Youtube videos for eight hours straight like you used to. Thankfully though, I've come up with a list of the best summer snacks for college students that will get you through the less exhilarating moments of your supposed 'time off.'


Now, I know an energy shot isn't an ideal midday treat, but for an intern or summer school student, it's necessary. And while most energy shots taste like downing a shot of gasoline, THERMO•STRONG's berry blitz flavor tasted like any sweet, refreshing juice. A 2 ounce energy shot made with caffeine, taurine, VitaCholine®, L-theanine, guarana and vitamin B6, THERMO•STRONG is meant to give you long-lasting, feel-good, metabolism-friendly energy. I took it a few mornings before my 8 am calc III class when I was especially not in the mood to be in a classroom on a summer morning. I found I was focused and alert--not hyper and bouncing off the walls--throughout my 3 hour lecture. And even better, I didn't feel my heart race like when I drink one too many espresso's for the same purpose.

The only problem is that it tastes best cold, so if you're carrying it in your pocket and take it at the end of a long day at the office to reenergize before going out with friends, it might not go down so smoothly. Also, it's only intended for adults in good health, so I wouldn't recommend giving it to your four year old cousin as a candy substitute. Either way, its an ideal summer snack for college students who want to stay awake and enthusiastic as they go through their new summer routines.

Gabriela Blanco
University of Southern California

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