Our founder and CEO, Bryon McLendon, turned down a lucrative career opportunity to pursue his passion of helping others live a fit, happy and healthy lifestyle. Unemployed yet determined, he drained his bank account and opened his first retail nutrition store in 1997. With laser-sharp focus, he went to work every single day, morning to night. His wife, Tania, a personal trainer and former college track athlete, was his rock, encouraging him along the way. Within two years, Bryon had opened five locations.

After gaining several years of knowledge and expertise in the industry, Bryon decided to start his very own company, thus NUTRISHOP®, Inc. was born with the first store opening in Norco, California in 2003. Bryon extended the opportunity to other like-minded, hard-working entrepreneurs who were passionate about helping others. Founded on the pillars of honesty, integrity, trust, opportunity and good ol’ fashioned hard work, our NUTRISHOP® family grew.

"We have store owners who hated their jobs and now they're able to do something they love while changing lives for the better and providing for their families," says Bryon. "That gets me excited!"

“We have store owners who hated their jobs and now they’re able to do something they love while changing lives for the better and providing for their families,” says Bryon. “That gets me excited!”

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In 2008, Bryon’s wife Tania left her personal training career to help fill in the gaps of the NUTRISHOP® corporate team. She did everything from accounting to operations. Today, she’s involved with the rep team and franchisees directly to help educate them and their employees through the recently launched NUTRISHOP® University program.

At NUTRISHOP®, we consider family to be an integral part of the business. Bryon’s father, Jerry, sold his share of a successful graphic design company to bring his decades of expertise to NUTRISHOP®. Bryon’s talented younger brother, Marc, runs and oversees the graphic design and marketing team. Bryon’s younger sister, Lacey, supports our COO Brian Barthelmess, and Bryon’s youngest sister, Kellie, recently came on board as the in-house photographer and videographer for the marketing department.

We also consider our store owners and their staff an extension of our family. We strive to support them in every way possible so they can provide for their families while offering invaluable services to customers across the United States and internationally.

20+ Years of Consumer Trust

Serving fit-minded individuals since 2003, NUTRISHOP®’s top priority is your results. This has ultimately helped build our solid reputation over the last 20+ years and keeps customers coming back to this day. We respect our customers. We would never waste your time with a poor product, poor service or poor support. We can all agree that honesty must extend to product performance attributes. Rest assured that all of these top-quality supplement brands are manufactured here in the USA, under strict cGMP manufacturing practices, utilizing superior, worldwide ingredients. Thank you for your trust and patronage!

We are not your average retail nutrition company pushing unnecessary products on people just to make a buck. What is Nutrishop all about?

It’s About You

If you asked any NUTRISHOP® owner or employee what sets us apart from our competitors other than our guaranteed low prices, hands down you’d hear the difference is the relationships we build with our customers.

When someone comes into our stores, their goals immediately become ours. Our in-store experience is very consultative, unique and custom to everyone. There is not one plan, one supplement, or one supplement stack to fit all individuals and their needs. We take the time to educate you and make sure you are as confident in your nutrition program as we are.

Plus, it just feels good getting to know our customers and helping them achieve their goals! Take it from Jay Vicino, owner of the Mt. Juliet, Tennessee NUTRISHOP® store: “The most gratifying thing for me as a store owner is being the driving force in somebody changing their life for the better,” says Jay. “I’ll gladly spend 2 hours with someone if they genuinely need the help!”

It’s About Quality Products & Services

Whether you’re looking for a thermogenic, a potent pre-workout, a delicious protein powder, healthy vitamins, BCAAs, or something else, we’ve got you covered. With plenty of products to choose from, the only problem you may have is deciding which ones to get!

In addition to top-quality nutritional supplements, our stores offer complimentary composition assessment tools, meal plans and vital nutritional support/guidance that you can’t get online. Our store owners also conduct transformation challenges in-store or for corporate wellness programs in their communities. Read more about our services here.

It’s About Real Results

We’ve lost count of how many of our customers have experienced life-changing results over the years. This is what drives us to do what we do! Take Danae Peirce, a customer at the NUTRISHOP® in Lacey, WA, who lost 40 pounds, gained lean muscle and changed the overall appearance of her body thanks to store owner/nutrition consultant Amy Jo Palmquest.

“My weight-loss transformation has significantly changed my life,” says Danae. “Not only do I feel stronger, healthier and have more energy to enjoy activities with my husband and two young daughters, but I have also gained an unexpected amount of confidence.”

Typically shy and reserved, this confidence led Danae to opportunities she would have never imagined herself taking. She was featured in a magazine, she did a fitness photo shoot, and she spoke at a women’s fitness camp. “The most exciting part, my transformation has also inspired others,” she says. “Family members, friends, and acquaintances have reached out to ask questions or have started their own personal health transformations.”